I make stuff for your iPhone.

Ever since iPhone SDK came out, I’ve spent much of my time creating products on Apple's platforms. Before I ever graduated, I had contributed to apps that would garner millions of downloads, and created a hugely popular open source project. Nowadays, I focus my time on creating projects that use great experiences to help people's everyday lives while making it fun at the same time. Here’s some links to some recent projects:

Pinned Links

  1. Interview
    I recently conducted an interview on all things apps.
  2. balllin tv
    We brought the same great app for iPhone & iPad and came up with a great Apple TV app.
  3. curry fire
    Bring your chef hat and apron. Read the documentation.
  4. Alto is on App Store
    Prekesh Chavda and I have been working & iterating on Alto for a year now. It's desktop-class invoicing software for iPhone & iPad. And it's really simple.
  5. curry
    Ever since college, I use to extract certain aspects of the different project I've worked on and built. curry is that utility belt of things I use on different projects. Read the documentation.
  6. Interview for Dribbble Timeout

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